Certified Child Sleep Consultant

Parent Heroes is a parent coaching consulting firm. We teach parents how to sleep train their baby, toddler, or preschooler with confidence and ease.

Baby won’t sleep? Toddler is allergic to napping? Bedtime is a bust!?

Parent Heroes will transform your family’s sleep and get everyone the rest they need!

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Child Sleep Consulting

Sleep Training Coaching for Modern Parents


Infant Sleep Shaping

Infants aged newborn - 16 weeks old. This is wonderful gift for a pregnant friend or a mother in the throws of the 4th trimester.

Baby Sleep Consultation

For Babies aged 16 weeks - 12 months of age. Parent Heroes will help you teach your baby how to “Sleep like a Baby!”

Child Sleep Consultation

For Children aged 12 months - 5 years old. From Toddler to preschool — We have your sleep needs covered!

Parent Heroes provides kick ass solutions to your toughest parenthood milestone - SLEEP!

I am Vanessa Vance, Chief Child Sleep Consultant at Parent Heroes.  But you can consider me, "Your Child's Sleep Hero".

I teach parents how to reclaim their lives post baby and improve sleep for the entire family.  

My # 1 goal is get the parents sleeping again!  With rest, your parenthood improves tenfold. You become the parent you wanted to be! Instead of a tired, short-tempered Mombie!

I am a sleep advocate who promotes sleep training to help your baby, toddler, or preschooler get the rest they need. 

Lets' decide that "overtired" isn't your new phase of life. 

Hope is not a winning strategy.  You need a plan!  Let me create a personalized, family-centered solution for your child. 


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Your Sleep Hero

Award winning work and volunteering:

You miss 100% of the naps you don’t take.
— Wayne Gretzky

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